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FAFCO is a leading manufacturer of 'state-of-the-art' polymer products for optimal energy savings. Incorporated in 1969, FAFCO is proud of its innovative heritage and quality products. Sunsolar.ca is proud to bring these products to Canada.

FAFCO Products

FAFCO Solar Pool Heaters save you money 
while adding value to your pool and home.
Swim spring through fall in luxurious warm water
 with free solar energy.
Learn about solar energy, how it works, 
and how FAFCO solar pool heating systems can 
meet your needs.

Domestic Solar Hot Water Heaters, 
are FAFCO's newest product designed to
 save you money. 

Reduce your hot water costs while
 adding value to your home.
Learn more about how solar energy can work for you. 
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